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5 Must-Have Furniture Items for "The Great Outdoors"

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The outsides of our homes, especially the lawn and the backyard are not just for the barbie. It’s a place where most of us wish to unwind and relax with a pint of beer or just play with the kids, or just chat with our partner, maybe. That is why these outdoors need to be comforting. And that is what outdoor furniture does for us—animate the outdoor setting of our homes and make it a place where we want to come and unwind after the everyday hustle.

If you think this way and agree that the outdoors of your home are a great place to spend time in, you could make your outdoors “the great outdoors,” a place where you’d love to unwind and relax. So, here are 5 must-have furniture items that you should consider buying in order to do so.


1. Outdoor Coffee Table and Chairs

An outdoor coffee table, especially one made in metal can be a great piece for the outdoors. Go for neutral colors like white, grey or black to keep it simple. Give it the company of complementing metal chairs and you have a perfect outdoor setting for casual get-togethers, family fun, or simply some alone time.

If you are going for wood, which is a wonderful kind of wood to go for, make sure that your furniture supplier makes it weatherproof, especially waterproof.

2. Outdoor Dining Table and Chairs

If you host a barbie and have people standing all the time, don’t blame them for having a downer on you. Outdoor table and chairs are the saving grace if you are hosting a big family or a large group of friends.

Outdoor dining chairs come in a variety of materials. At the end of the day, it is your preference that matters. They also come in a variety of colors. You have the option of buying just the table and then doing a mix-and-match thing with the chairs. Or you could go for outdoor dining sets furniture.

3. Outdoor Ottoman

Ottomans are, no doubt, a great piece of furniture to have in one’s living room and even the bedroom. But it is also a great piece for the outdoors.

Yes, they come in a variety of materials that are weather-resistant and still great looking. And the best thing about an outdoor ottoman is that it makes for such a convenient storage space.

So, when you are lounging around in your backyard, an ottoman not only offers a comfy thing to sit on but also great storage space to keep your snacks in there.

4. Outdoor Rocking Chair

Nothing beats an old school rocking chair. And it’s only better if it’s made to last in the weather outside. Look for comfort, design, how easy it is to get on and off, and how sturdily it stays and rocks.

Outdoor rocking chairs will not be as ornate as your grandpa’s heirloom rocking chair since the material they are made with needs to be weather resistant. But the modern yet vintage look that some designs offer can end up stealing your heart even at first sight.

5. Outdoor Bar Stools (if you have an outdoor bar)

Well, let’s begin this way. If you have an outdoor bar, you need to have outdoor bar stools for the love of the drinking. You can not have a bar without offering your mates to sit on the bar stool. That is how it works.

You can choose from a variety of styles, colors, materials, cushion styles, and fabrics to pick the best match for your bar furnishings. Believe if you will, having some scotch on the rocks isn’t nearly as fun as it is when you have it at the coffee table as it is sitting on an outdoor bar stool. Feeling is everything, just so you know.

And, if you do not have a bar yet, you should consider having one.

Outdoor furniture can light up your backyard or lawn, wherever it is you intend to install it. It can add not only convenience and fun, but also character to the way your outdoors look and feel. Remember, the outdoors are not just for the barbie. They mean much more. Time to animate “the great outdoors?”

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