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Guide to Buying Coffee Table

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

A coffee table provides a finishing touch to a living area. It brings together all the living room furniture and offers a complete look for the room. If you entertain guests regularly, then coffee table is a must-have for placing cups and plates. It also acts as a statement piece in the living area.

Just like any other furniture in your house, the purchase of a coffee table also requires some planning. You should consider the following before purchasing a coffee table for your home.

Height: The standard height for coffee table is 16 – 18 inches. But the exact table height should match the height of the furniture around it. Typically, the coffee table should be 1-2 inches lower than the height of the living room furniture so that you can easily access the things kept on the table. Thus, if the sofa is tall, then the average height of a coffee table should be more than the standard height.

Size: As far as the dimensions of a coffee table are concerned, the length should be less than 2/3rd the length of the sofa. And there should be at least two feet distance between the coffee table and all the surrounding furniture so that you can move around freely.

Shape: The most popular shape of a coffee table is a rectangle, followed by square. If your living room is long, then it is best to go for a rectangular coffee table to go with the shape of the room. If the living area is small, then a square coffee table would be the right choice. If you have children at home and are concerned about their safety, then a round or oval coffee table would be the best option. Since a round or oval table does not have any corners, the chances of getting hurt are minimal.

Style: The style of décor of your living room should be considered while purchasing a coffee table. If you follow a contemporary form of décor for your living room, then you should go for a table with neat and clean lines. Glass top or marble top table would be the right choice for contemporary décor. On the other hand, if you follow a traditional style for your living area, then you should select a wooden coffee table with classic design and carvings.

Function: A coffee table serves different purposes. Apart from the primary function of placing your crockery, coffee table can also be used to display your décor pieces. Coffee table with storage option can be used for storing your books and magazines. If you want the coffee table to serve the basic function, then a lightweight coffee table would serve the purpose. But if you plan to keep heavy things on the table, then you should go for a sturdier one.

Stackable Coffee Table

Last but not least, you should consider your budget as well. Coffee tables are available in different price ranges starting from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. You should consider the amount you are ready to spend before zeroing in on a particular model.

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