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Decorate Your Home with Ultimate Designs

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The one fact about homes that always stays valid is that every home is unique. Even if you set two exactly same apartments together, different owners can make them look entirely different from the kind of decor they choose for their apartment. If you are looking for home decor and homeware in Pialba, here are some ultimate design ideas for you. 

Rattan Wall Decor

Great wall decor can bring out the beauty of the walls very well, especially in the living room area. The kind of wall decor that you must choose usually depends on the colour of the walls, the space available and the kind of furniture that you have. 

Nevertheless, a unique style that you may want to try is rattan wall decor. While it is very usual to see rattan furniture and tableware, wall decor is something that can steal the show. Try it to believe it. It’s becoming popular and you will be able to find it at any good homeware store in Hervey Bay.

Seagrass Baskets

The thing about baskets, unlike vases, is that they can be just decorative or can be put to use as well. Seagrass baskets can be used any way you like, simply put in a corner of your living room, kitchen or bedroom. They look pretty and they can be used to store light stuff like laundry, cushions and throws, or even packaged snacks. 

Tray and Bowl Sets

Who doesn’t like trays and bowl sets at the table? Which table? Any table you’d like. You can try metal tray sets with elaborate carvings and silver/gold finish. You can also choose from the metal tray on the raised stand for a rather different look for the dining table. You can also go for bronze bowl sets for the central table in the living room. And if you like wood, there are hundreds of looks that you can try. And the fact that you can find them at good home decor stores in Queensland is good news. 

Hat Stand

If you like it old school, a hat stand is a decorative design that will interest you. Rather than going for a basic hat stand that looks like a matchstick boy, go for one that has an elaborate design and looks good when vacant. Victorian designs are usually a great choice to go for. 

Basic colours are always great but you can also opt for brighter colours if your furniture or other decor is bright. So, it helps you not just to stay organised but also makes for an ideal decor item to stand at your entrance. 


If you like your decor to be soft and warm, lanterns are what you need. When you visit the best of home decor stores in Queensland, you will be amazed to find what a huge variety is available on the market. You can go to rattan, glass, paper, fabric, acrylic and so many more kinds. 

However, when you choose lantern, keep the mood of the room in mind. Consider the dominant colour in the room, be it that of the walls or the furniture or any art that adorns the room. Also, consider the height of the room to make sure that the lantern doesn’t hand too low is ineffective according to the size of the room. 

So, go ahead, and add some great designs to your home decor. There are a lot of options available online, but it is always a better idea to see these items in person for the real look and feel. Fortunately, there are a few home decor and homeware in Pialba where you can buy both variety and quality. 

Ready to furnish your home with impressive design ideas?

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