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All You Need to Know About Fabric and Leather Dining Chairs

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

The beauty of the dining room area lies not just with the dining tables. Having matching dining chairs that complement the look of the dining table is also crucial. The dining chairs selected should be not only graceful and elegant but also comfortable and cozy. Thus, choosing dining chairs with the right upholstery is very important.

What Are the Different Types of Dining Chair Upholstery?

Wooden dining table chairs & metal dining table chairs can be upholstered in fabric or leather with depending on the requirement of the customer. The selection of a particular material depends on the overall style of décor of your dining area.

Fabric Dining Chairs

Chair for dining room can be upholstered in different types of fabric like cotton, jute, silk, linen, and velvet. Each type of material has its unique features that make it stand out from the rest.

Cotton fabric upholstery is eco-friendly and very easy to maintain. It can be easily removed and washed at home. It is also highly durable. But the major drawback is that it absorbs dye very fast. Thus, if you spill any food particle on cotton upholstery, then the material will absorb it quickly. Moreover, cotton can get wrinkles very fast.

Just like cotton, linen upholstery is also eco-friendly. It is hypo-allergenic and can be cleaned easily. It is also very soft. But the major drawback of linen upholstery is that it is not durable. Moreover, linen upholstery also absorbs the stain very fast.

Velvet upholstery provides a plush and elegant look to your dining table chair owing to its lustrous look. It is also soft to touch and hence is very comfortable. The main drawback of velvet upholstery is that it is tough to clean.

Most of the people prefer fabric upholstery over leather because it is relatively cheap. Thus, if you are looking for dining chairs for cheap, then fabric dining chair is the right choice.

Leather Dining Chairs

Different types of leather are used for dining table chair upholstery. A few of the most common types of leather used for upholstery are faux leather, bonded leather, top grain leather, and split-grain leather.

Faux leather is artificial leather that is not as expensive as original leather. It is easy to work with and maintain. The main drawback of faux leather is that it is not so durable and does not have the luster of original leather.

Bonded leather is a mixture of leather scraps and leather fiber. It is environment-friendly and economical. But it is not highly durable and is difficult to repair in case of wear and tear.

The main advantage of the leather dining chair is that it is easy to maintain. In case of a spill, you can wipe it off with soap and water. Moreover, it does not absorb smell like a fabric sofa.

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