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How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table and Chairs for your Home

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

The dining room is one of the coziest places in the house where the family meets and bonds. Getting the dining table and chairs right is the least you could do for your dining room. If you are headed to buy dining chairs and tables in Pialba, read this piece first, lest you should furnish your dining room with something that you regret later. 

How to Pick the Best Dining Table?

There are a couple of aspects that you will need to look into before zeroing down on a dining table that suits your dining room the best. 

Size and Space

The size of the dining table will usually depend on the size of the room and how many chairs it should accommodate.

Here are a few things that go as general rules. 

  • Keep at least 24″ space between the wall and the table so that the chairs can be drawn out easily. 

  • Allow 24″ for each chair space/place setting, so that people can eat well without their elbows being cramped. 

  • A dining table should be a maximum 48″ wide. Any wider than this, and the passing of items on the table will become a task.

  • It should be a minimum of 36″ wide to make enough space for placing items in the middle of the table. 

  • Always keep a margin for 2 more people in case guests turn up. So if you are a family of 4, buy a table that seats 6. 


This formula is pretty much commonsensical. 

Square rooms need square or round tables. Rectangular rooms need rectangle or oval tables. 

And that is not just for aesthetic reasons but also for reasons of convenience, for example, ample space to walk around. 


If you are going out to buy a dining table in Pialba, make sure you sit at the table and see what kind of chairs are ideal for it. Ensure that when you sit, the height us at an apt level for you to eat at. Also, make sure that you are seated comfortably and can cross your legs under the table without the apron of the table doesn’t obstruct the comfort of your legs. 


Depending upon a lot of factors like whether you have kids in the house, whether you’d like something very robust, etc, you should choose a material. 

Go for glass if there are no kids in the house, and you aren’t expecting any, and if you’d like an elegant look that you could maintain. Metal is preferable for low maintenance kind of a household. Wood is evergreen and you will have ample options when you browse stores for dining chairs and table in Queensland. You can also go for veneers if you’d like more style and color options. 

How to Pick the Best Dining Chairs?

When it comes to dining chairs, you will have to be even more careful than while choosing a table. The right chair will add to the grace and the function of the table in its true sense. 

Here are a few factors to keep in mind. 

Size and Spacing

Always make sure that you have 12” of space between the apron of the dining table and the top of the chair. As discussed before, you will need 24” of room per chair. So, even if you are going for slim chairs, you need to maintain that room. 


Do make sure to sit in the chairs and move them back and forth father and under the table to see if they are comfortable as the companion of the table. See if you need chairs with head support of lower backs; if you need wooden chairs, or metal chairs, if you need upholstered chairs or if it is fine otherwise. 


You can go for a chair set with the same chairs, or you could also opt for side chairs and head chairs. The latter is in trend and if you are looking for such dining chairs in Pialba, they won’t be hard to find. 

So, ready to deck up your dining room?

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