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How to Ensure Good Quality when Buying Furniture?

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Every time we are out to buy a piece of furniture, it can be a gamble if you haven’t done your homework. No matter what outdoor furniture store in Pialba you buy from, there are some things that you will need to keep in mind. Good quality cannot be measured by good looks. For a furniture article to be good, it needs to fulfill certain criteria. 

Let’s see what all you need to know whenever you buy furniture at any furniture store in Australia

Pay Attention to the Kind of Wood

So, when we are looking at wood types, there are mainly three of them: solid wood, veneer, and composite wood or particleboard. 

Solid wood is strong and more expensive but is not resistant to water stains and scratches. It can last decades though

Veneers are an inexpensive alternative to solid wood. It has a cheaper wood base sandwiched between multiple thin layers of wood which is better in quality. They are also, however, not as solid as solid wood. It can last long but not as long as solid wood. 

Composite wood comprises pieces of wood pulp, resin, and plastics. These look decent, cost even less, but are not a sturdy choice. You are by no means looking at decades of life. 

Nailing and Gluing

Corners are a great test of quality craftsmanship. You must check the corners and joints of the furniture. They should be affixed together by a technique called wood joinery. The parts must be joined. There should be no gluing or nailing. When the parts are joined, they make for sturdy joints. They will be able to take more weight and will maintain a perfect balance. 

Check the Legs

Always ensure that the legs of any furniture whatsoever should be made in wood, should be heavy and must be joined (not glued, not nailed). Legs that are anything but this can result in a balance that isn’t great and strength that is not lasting. 

Pay Attention to the Fabric 

You want to go for a robust fabric, leather and suede are not the ones, especially if you have kids or dogs. It can stain or tear in a flash of a second. Fabrics like tweed and linen can last longer and are also fairly stain-resistant. You can easily find sofas in these fabrics at any great furniture store in Queensland

Test the Drawers and Chests

These are two other things you can judge the craftsmanship by. Open and check the drawers and chests. The drawer should be smooth in movement, should come way out and move fully in, to lock properly. As for the chests, the door should open and remain open till you shut it. When you do shut it, it should latch and lock properly. Take note of knobs and handles. They should be sturdy and tightly fixed. 

Choose the Spring Type

Coiled springs (the traditional kind) are the best for firm sofas. There are zigzag coils for softer comfort. Both are great and are available at any good furniture store in Hervey Bay. But before you buy a sofa, make sure that you check the springs by taking off the cushions and pressing in the base of the sofa. The coils must move in and spring back immediately. Else, it’s a no. 

The Cushions Too Need a Check

Former cushions are the ones you need to buy. They are likely to last longer than softer cushions. The ones that have removable and washable covers are the best because, well, for obvious reasons. 

That doesn’t mean that cushions without removable cushions are not great. The ones with one side patterns are as fine as any other great cushion. You can always find a cover for it at any furniture store in Pialba.

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