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Living Room Furniture Ideas

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

You spend a lot of time in your living room, so it needs to look great, be functional and comfortable. Blending all three can be tricky, but we've got plenty of examples to tackle that. From modern and formal spaces to approachable and rustic environments, there's a living room idea for spaces of any size.

Bring the Fun to the Floor

When you have crisp white walls and neutral staples, like a sofa and coffee table, choose one statement item that brings in a surge of colorful energy. It can be anything from a vibrant piece of art on the walls to a bright carpet in the living room.

Know Your Place

Before you even start decorating your living room, remember where you are. If you live in a casual beach house, your design scheme is going to look very different from an urban industrial loft space. A look of sophistication can still be maintained through fresh upholstery, beautiful artwork, and a thoughtful layout. That being said, if you're a sucker for kitsch and wish you were always on island-time, add a hint of it with one statement piece, like a vintage Hawaiian-print rattan chair.

Pick Comfy Seating

A living room should be fun, relaxed, sophisticated and formal. Seating plays a big role in ensuring it is all of that. Seating has to be comfortable, and materials need to be casual but clean.

Make It Double-Duty

If your formal living room is also your family room, you want to make sure it strikes a balance between super comfortable and presentable. A cozy family room that cleans up nicely, if you will. A super soft sectional with plenty of space to spread out on movie night is a must, but choose one that also looks elegant. Then add fun, eye-catching lighting for an extra punch of fun.

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