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Six Furniture Trends that’ll Entice you in 2020

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

While furniture is something that is unique to everyone’s home, every year, certain trends rule in general. As you browse through your Instagram or Pinterest feed in this new year, you are sure to notice some old trends and some new. Even if you go to your favorite furniture store in Pialba, you may as well find newly displayed infused with the trends of the new year.

So, we did you a favor. We ransacked the latest home and living magazine issues, the latest Instagram and Pinterest trends, and the best of furniture trend list for the year and made you a list of six furniture trends that you are sure to take fancy to in 2020.

1. Natural Elements like Wicker and Rattan

Well your great grandmother loved it, your mother kept it as an heirloom and it’s coming full circle to be a part of your living room. Natural materials like wicker and rattan have actually never gone out of trend but this year, they’re making quite an entrance. Right from celebrity home pics to your local home decor store in Pialba, you will find these as staples, but in many more styles now. Natural will be the dominant theme this year, and wicker and rattan and even cane go perfectly with it.

2. Vintage Is Back

Well, we haven’t really moved on from the modernist designs. We’ve only come back to vintage. Antiques are making a grand entrance this year. So, embrace it. Your great grandfather’s high chair might just become the centerpiece that gets all the attraction.

8th-century designs are making a major comeback. What is even more interesting is that designers have stepped up and shown the audacity (only appreciable) to mix the vintage with modern elements to make more utilitarian, personalize furniture for homes that are not the relics of the past.

3. Hues for 2020: Grey, Pink, Blue

Okay. While earthy hues never lose currency, certain other colors like to keep them company every few years. This year, your furniture and decor would like to flirt with hues of grey, pink and blue.

For sure and for goodness’ sake, keep the brighter hues out. Subtle is the key if you do not want to make a kitsch impression on your guests (unless you want to do that on purpose).

Whether you are using naturals like wood and rattan, or dominant upholstery, including these colors could really bring out the life in the room. If you are an enthusiastic kind, your walls could also take these hues. You could also visit your local home decor store in Hervey Bay and pick up some artifacts in these hues to complement the look of your home.

4. The Love for the Curves

Crisp modern shapes may not be able to steal the show anymore. We’re losing our hearts to curves this time. Soft, almost romantic curves will ornate the furniture. Curved sofas, armchairs and dining chairs with curved backs, and even curved tables if you will, we’re looking at anything but straight angles. Rectilinear structures are giving way to curved and even asymmetrical pieces that spell elegance, softness and romance.

5. Multi-Utility: Indoor/Outdoor

The time is here when you must accept the fact that it is a great idea to buy furniture that could work for indoors as well as outdoors, be it in terms of fabric, robustness, material or utility. It may sound funny if you know it already, but you can always but outdoor furniture and use it indoor and flip things around.

6. Metallic Warmth

This time when you go to your preferred home decor store in Queensland, you’re heading for the glitz. Gold, bronze, brass, and all warm metallic finishes are the thing to go for, whether in furniture or in decorative pieces. Center tables, mirror frames, sculptures, wall sconces: take your pick of some metallic warmth.

So, if you are headed to your local furniture store in Pialba, Hervey Bay to renew the look of your home, you now have a great guide to what all you can choose from.

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