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Things to Consider Before you Shop for Your Bar Stool

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

If you think it's tableware that makes the most important part of your home bar, you may want to think twice. The most important part is the bar stools. Buying the wrong one can be a total goof up even if you invested hundreds of dollars on a great bar table and supplies. But if you buy the right one, you’ve worked up some magic right there. So, before you head out to buy bar stools in Hervey Bay, take these tips.

 The Height Matters More than Anything

Well, adjustable height stools can be an option, but let’s admit that they don’t go too well with all bar tables. So, when you get a bar stool that is not adjustable stools need to match your bar table’s height. That ensures that the guests climb and sit comfortably and have drinks while they rest their arms on the bar table. 

If you have a standard bar, you can easily go for bar stools in Hervey Bay, Queensland stores. But if you have kept your bar at kitchen counter height, standard bar stools will be too low. 

Take a Check on Comfort

The number one aspect that you must pay attention in case of any furniture is the comfort. The simplest of features can add or minus the comfort. Sit on it and see how easy it is to hop on; check if it fits well with the table. It is great to have a footrest on a bar stool, but makes sure that it is placed at the right height. 

If swivel stools are the ones you are looking for, make sure you sit on the stool and see how easy it is to turn around, making sure the balance isn’t lost.

The Back: To Be or Not to Be

Should you choose a stool that has a back? Is it just for aesthetic purposes or actually adds to comfort? Backless bar stools seem to be the trend when we talk of the swivel kind. But if greater support is something you are looking for you can choose from low-back as well as high-back options. 

Low-back bar stools offer some back support but aesthetically look almost like backless stools. High-back bar stools, on the other hand, offer the best back support but the look is very different from low-back stools. So, according to the look and comfort you want, take a pick. 

The Seat Material is Important

There will be two options when you buy bar stools in Pialba: upholstered and non-upholstered. If you choose wooden or acrylic, non-upholstered stools are usually comfortable. 

However, do the choice of seating material seriously. When you go for metal or rattan, leather seating or seating upholstered with durable fabric is a great choice for both look and comfort. 

In case of spills, however, in either kind of stools, you should make sure to clean immediately. There is a variety of stores that offer a choice of materials in bar stools in Queensland.

Attention to Colour

Solid colors and usually earthy and soft colours are something to go for. The reason behind this is that the bar being just one part of a whole room should not overpower the colour palette of the existing setting. 

But, you can play around with textures and hues, even in browns and blacks and greys. If you like it to be bright, then maybe you could throw in some colour with upholstered bar stools with prints and patterns of your choice.

At the end of the day, it’s comfort, look and durability that matter the most. Make sure that you never compromise on these three aspects. Do make sure that you try the bar stools first hand at the store before you buy them. That is how you will be able to buy the best ones.

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