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Why we choose Australian Made Furniture and Suppliers first?

Australian Made Furniture is excellence in craftsmanship and is backed up by use of high quality, durable and beautiful Australian hardwood.

One Choice of hardwood is Blackwood, which has wonderful inbuilt natural characteristics, with a natural colouring of dark to golden browns and occasional wavy patterns that enhances the appearance of our furniture.

Blackwood is an upmarket, quality timber, offering durability as well as being pleasing to the eye. The range and designs have been carefully selected for discerning customers who want to mix and match products to achieve a stunning visual effect. Our furniture is finished with a clear lacquer, highlighting the beauty of the Blackwood timber grains, colour and overall appearance.

Excellence in craftsmanship, along with the features of blackwood and our unique designs enable Australian Made Furniture Suppliers to create furniture ranges that are stunning, durable and of the highest quality and comfort for our customers.

Above all, Blackwood is a timber that provides our Supplier Astra Furniture with the opportunity to produce elegant and individual pieces in solid wood, providing strong, durable and lasting furniture for your pleasure.

Australian Made Furniture also offers Tasmanian Oak

Manufacturing excellence means offering the very best in terms of quality and service. Australian Made Furniture sofas are created to give you the support and comfort you can trust day in and day out. Australian Made Furniture’s no sag steel sprung suspension is designed to conform to the shape of the body. It absorbs the pressure to provide uniform comfort across the entire sofa for a luxurious seating experience.

It is important to note that our Australian Made Supplier’s manufacture all the frames locally as this provides for greater quality control. They also use a process, which in cabinetry terms is referred to as mortice and tenon, this is a traditional manufacturing technique used for strength in joints. They also place Hardwood blocks in corners for added strength. With attention to details and precision the frames will provide you with a quality product that is made to last.

A sofa must provide highest level of comfort and durability. Foams have been treated to eliminate odors and dust mites for people suffering from allergies or Asthma. (It also offers lasting protection against mould, mildew, & bacteria for healthier living and is supported by the Asthma Foundation). The feel of a sofa comes down to personal choice and that is why Australian Made Furniture can offer a selection of firmness through different types of cushioning.

Australian Made Furniture use:

  • Mortice & tenor joins

  • Dovetail drawers

  • Feature grade solid Blackwood doors and tops – not veneered timber ( Astra Furniture)

  • Felt lined drawers – in Some models

  • Ball bearing runners in drawers

  • Upto 5 year structural guarantee

  • Design featured legs

  • 100%  Australian made material & accessories

  • Most panels are tongue grooved finish

  • Most Chairs upholstered with piping finish

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