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Switch is a custom-designed outdoor table range allowing you to personalize your outdoor space with your own individual style.  First choose your tabletop: Available in GRC cement, teak or aluminum. Then pair with your choice of leg options: ‘U’ shape, ‘X’ shape or standard trestle leg design and your color choice of matte white or gunmetal grey will finish your design. 

The GRC cement tabletops are Industrial finished cement tabletops. They are hand finished and may result in a slight colour variation making each table unique

Teak timber is the world’s best-known hardwood timber used in marine applications like boating. This will ensure your outdoor table is durable. Teak will age naturally as a greyish colour and can be brought back to life with a light sanding and oiling. The exposed aluminum legs are powder coated with a durable finish which protects them against rusting.

A customized piece of furniture has various advantages. It not only lets you have furniture of the required dimension and size, but also a particular style as per your décor needs. Buying our switch mix and match outdoor table is the right option if you are looking for a customized piece of outdoor furniture. 

The first thing that you should consider while customizing outdoor furniture is the size of your patio. If your patio is small then you should go for a small square table that can accommodate up to four people. But, if the patio is large, then you can purchase a large table that can accommodate 6-8 people. 

The next consideration should be the material of the table. GRC cement, aluminum, and teak are the best material for outdoor furniture as they are both water and weather resistant. All our outdoor tables are made of the above material, and you can select one depending on your preference. GRC cement tabletops are hand finished and comes with slight color variation. This color variation makes each tabletop unique in appearance. Teak is the best hardwood available for making furniture. It changes its color as it ages thus providing a beautiful appearance. The aluminum used for making our outdoor furniture is powder-coated thus providing a durable finish. It also protects the furniture from rusting. 

The design of an outdoor table lies in its legs. You can choose from “X” shape, “U” shape or standard trestle leg design as per your choice. Since the legs are made of high-quality material, it provides excellent support to the tabletop irrespective of the design of the legs.

Outdoor furniture is typically designed in neutral shade to blend with nature. You can select from matte white or gunmetal grey, both for the tabletop as well as the legs. You also have the option of going for a brown wooden finish if you want the furniture to look all-natural. 

There are no right or wrong choices when it comes to custom made furniture. It is your creativity and imagination that is key in getting a furniture custom made. Our Switch mix and match outdoor tables are available in different price ranges to suit your budget. You can visit our showroom at Pialba, Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia, go through our existing collection, and then specify your requirements. Your custom outdoor table will be delivered to you in no time. 

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